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mercredi 25 novembre 2015

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Communiqué du GIC-Madagascar‏

lundi 23 novembre 2009

The local International Contact Group on Madagascar is very concerned about continuing delays in forming an inclusive, consensual transition government. In accordance with the Maputo Charter, the timely formation of this government remains a key next step toward resolving Madagascar’s political impasse. Further delays in this fundamental first step will only postpone the establishment of other important transition institutions and further delay elections, national reconciliation, and international re-engagement with Madagascar.

La branche locale du Groupe International de Contact sur Madagascar est très préoccupée par le report continu de la constitution du gouvernement inclusif et consensuel de transition. Selon la Charte de Maputo, la formation de ce gouvernement dans des délais raisonnables constitue la principale étape vers la résolution de l’impasse politique actuelle. Tout retard concernant cette première étape cruciale affecterait la mise en place des autres institutions importantes de la transition, retardant d’autant la tenue des élections, la réconciliation nationale et la reprise de la coopération des partenaires internationaux avec Madagascar.

Rodney D. Ford
Public Affairs Officer
United States Embassy, de la part du GIC-Madagascar

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  • Communiqué du GIC-Madagascar‏
    23 novembre 2009 13:28, par Tanora (#714)

    The principal obstacle of the implementation of the deal is Rajoelina. Obviously he does not want the other parties to take part in the government. He is just playing a game. He thinks that you (the International Community) are so stupid that he can manipulate and use to accomplish his selfish plan. So you have to be careful. Only the insane people cannot see what Rajoelina has been trying to do. He just want to have your money because that is his only problem now. This man and his companions do not seek at all to respond to the need of and accomplish what is good for the people and the country. He is fully aware of the bad things he did and plans to do again. That is why he does not want to release the ministries said of sovereignty such as that of justice. He knows clearly that the time he loses control of that ministry his act of stealing, robbing, and killing will be shown publicly. This is the only reason why he and his companions are fighting at all costs to keep under his control those ministries. He claims to have done a lot of concessions. It is no true. There is no biggest concessions than accepting a « putschist » to lead the transition legally. If he is not happy with that he has to resign and leave the power.

  • Communiqué du GIC-Madagascar‏
    23 novembre 2009 19:25, par andry (#884)

    I would add that the US must be very careful here in interpreting each party’s position. If it’s obvious that most of the local actors and especially those in power act for their own personal interest, not all foreign countries can be called neutral. In particular, France, who participated zealously in the international mediation, is in fact playing a game that is far from clear and at best controversial, if not outright subversive. If it wants to make sure that everybody really advocates democracy here, the US has to monitor closely what’s going on behind the scenes. But you certainly already read the following NYT article, didn’t you ?

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